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Have you ever been into genetic kinds of stuff and the combat games?  If yes then here the Kobojo has come up with a fantastic game combo of gene breeding game and battlefield. Here in the game, you can make a different type of hybrids by combining the genetic codes of the desired mutants. Later on, you can use your own created combinations in the battlefield to let the other opponent lose the game.

The style of the battle will be turned based, here each opponent will be given a turn each. You need to attack whenever your turn comes. Here if you are wondering about getting the first turn then you need to hold on, here are the conditions to get the corner first. The quickest mutant will have the opportunity to attack early in the game.

But here’s a little twist the speediest ones may have less attacking power and also less tolerance power. Therefore, create a hybrid which is balanced in all aspects, and for that, you will require the mutosterone in the game.  The mutosterone is a type of fund in the game which we will talk about later in the article. But if you run out of the fund, then you have the option of either buying the currency or to use the Mutants Genetic Gladiators cheats.


There are several funds and the currencies in the game that are required to maintain in the game. Let’s discuss these currencies one by one here.

  • Credits

The credits are the prime currencies in the game which can be obtained through the compounds.

  • Fame

Fame is the experience bar in the game. It is required to raise the level in the game. You get the fame by fighting the battles and through the accomplishment of the quests in the game. The more fame you collect, the faster your level gets increased in the game.

Also, when you get leveled up in the game, the battle meter get recharged again.

  • Mutosterone

Remember the currency I talked about in the start, Mutosterone. Well, it is a very crucial currency for creating the breeds of the mutant. To do so, you will require 100 % of the mutosterone. The currency can be earned by through the battles or either be collected by exchanging the gold.  Now that we have reached this far, we should discuss another currency, gold.

  • Gold

It is one of the best currencies among all. These can be earned through the quests, and by making a visit to the games facebook page. There is also an option of buying gold by spending real money.

Apart from the currencies as mentioned above, there is one pass that is required to fight the battles in the campaign mode. The pass is referred to as the campaign pass. You can have access to the passes by receiving them as a gift from your friends. Therefore, it is better to invite as many as friends you can in the game and increase your chances to catch hold of these passes. The fund management is a crucial part of the game if you want to progress further in the game. However, if you are not among the ones who know how to maintain the currencies, then you should use the Mutants Genetic Gladiators hack.  By this means you will able to get a liberal amount of funds in the game.

There are in total of 6 central mutants in the game. Using the genetic code of these available mutants will create a new hybrid for you in the game. Also, there are few combinations of the mutants in the game as well. You‘ll become familiar with them as you will play the game.

So, choose your mutants wisely and breed them in a way that they can serve you well on the battlefield.  Thereby, imagine the experiment and then test the breeds in the combat field.